3 Reasons Artists Should Never Be Starving

“Starving artist”. We’ve all heard that term before. Maybe you heard it from your parents when you told them you wanted to drop out of school and join a band. The term comes from the fact that many artists work hard to put out work that they have literally put their heart and soul into, but they rarely get anything monetarily back.


Too many people belittle and discourage the dreams of artists because of how poor people tend to view the market. No one is ever believed when they say they want to make a living off of art, and if they are serious, they’re considered crazy.


But art is such an essential part of the human experience. Art is the ability we alone have to take our life experiences and turn it into a new form, which is creative and completely constructed in the mind’s eye. People alone have the ability to look at or listen to a piece of art and enjoy it for the deeply symbolic work it is.


Here are three important reasons why no artist should ever be starving:


  1. Artists work hard like anyone else.

Indie music artists, indie graphic designers and indie web designers all put in work to output products just like anyone else. They take a lot of time honing the skills that they have and they deserve to be compensated and recognized for the work they put in.


  1. Everyone from individuals to small and big business needs artists.


Art is essential when it comes to life enjoyment to public relations. Businesses need artists to help brand their product and go on marketing campaigns. Furthermore, a life without music and art would be dull indeed, and we need to take the time to thank on an individual level those who make and share the art we enjoy every day.


  1. Life would be boring without art.


Imagine a world without music, paintings, sculptures, books, graphic designs, murals and more. Imagine living in a completely black-and-white, almost machine like world where art was not a concept. It sounds awful, doesn’t it?


We’ve got to step up and realize how important the work of artists is to our culture and our quality of life. Artists’ should be compensated properly for their time and efforts. At the end of the day, their time is just as valuable as anybody else’s.