Meet Pat Fraser. A genius level talent who is unfathomable yet intriguing. An artist capable of producing abstract rhymes combined with high-level consciousness, cutting-edge wit and an uncanny sense of humor. Add a complex, off-kilter approach to storytelling full of awe-inspiring punch lines, metaphors, and one-liners and you have an extremely phenomenal lyricist. A graphic designer by trade, Pat is one in a few entertainers with a college degree. An actor whose persistence and tenacity landed him roles in HBO’s The Wire and The Dark Knight Rises. Its only once in a lifetime where there will be an artist who will rise amongst the typical exceptionally talented but unnoticed starving artist archetype and influence much needed change while blazing his own trail to success. Enter P.A.T., also known as Powerful Artistic Truth or PATMAN, his pseudonym.

Pat came from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, born from Guyanese immigrants and being a 1st generation American. A somewhat nomadic lifestyle in his early years as a kid is something that got him accustomed to being taken out of his comfort zone; his family moved multiple times before moving back to New York. The high crime rate of New York made Pat’s parents shelter him and his sister as children. Moving to Maryland at a young age was his parent’s way of getting away from the crime-ridden streets of New York. If kids weren’t getting killed over Air Jordans, it could’ve been something as silly as getting killed over a quarter. Suburbia was a better option for growing up in a safer environment and not becoming a statistic.

Unfortunately school was never fun and while the suburban environment of the DC metro area of Maryland was welcoming, the kids at school weren’t. Pat was an outcast and never quite fit in amongst his peers at school. While most kids were more hip, outgoing and athletic, he was an awkward and artistic type who self-taught himself how to draw through comic books. All throughout school, paying attention in class and studying took a backseat to drawing and writing poetry nonstop.



Poetry is something Pat got into around age 13. Even at a really young age, Pat was a fan of the Golden Era of hip hop. A lot of his musical influences come from the abundance of old school music his parents used to play at home all the time. “Oooooo baby, I like it raw” was a lyric screamed from the top of his lungs as a kid. This was not only a testament to Pat being a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan, but him being a serious hip hop aficionado. Being admonished by his grandmother for repeating an Ol’ Dirty Bastard lyric is one of Pat’s fondest memories. Listening to rappers like DMX and Jay-Z really got Pat into rapping and at that point, writing raps in and out of school and freestyling with friends helped to cultivate his talent as a great lyricist.

After high school, Pat went to college and after college; there was a rough economy and tough job market. The American dream promises a dream job after college. Not really. Only debt and low-paying jobs welcomed Pat with open arms. Unemployed and broke welcomed Pat also. Working a 9-to-5 and living in mediocrity is what most of society embraces, but Pat is one of the few that would go against the grain. He’s the voice of the starving artists’ who were born to express themselves through their art and creativity but never live their dreams. He’s also the voice of the now struggling voiceless majority who are suffering due to crime, corruption, and politics. As a new age maverick, Pat will leave a firm imprint in peoples’ hearts and minds with his idiosyncratic mix of creative entrepreneurship, radical artistry and intellectual honesty. He understands that his brand of Powerful Artistic Truth is a game-changing approach to not only inspiring others to succeed on their own terms but to change the world for the better.