From the moment you wake up every morning, you are consistently fed bullshit. Of course, not as a complete meal and certainly not exclusively, but bullshit is bullshit regardless of the garnish. At some point in your life, you lost your ability to taste it, but I’m telling you there’s always a way to get that sense back. It all starts with what you choose to do with the information you receive. Unlike the bulk of the world, conspiracy theorists look outside of the box to understand what’s really going on. Instead of mindlessly absorbing information or agreeing with things that suit their perspective, conspiracy theorists ask the tough questions and are often met with undesirable realizations. No one wants to believe that the cure for cancer is being hidden from us. No one wants to believe that companies would willfully suppress working medicines just to continue to exploit their consumer base. However, human cruelty and corruption aren’t some new, fun concepts that just appeared out of nowhere: they are extremely real ones that we all have to live with.

What The Fuck Is A Conspiracy Theory?

A conspiracy theory is approximately characterized as a conviction that at least two individuals are concealing data that is in the general population’s enthusiasm to know. Conspiracy theory frequently concentrates on real occasions like JFK’s assassination, the 9/11 attacks, or the moon arrivals. A few speculations portray a more extended impact, for example, the possibility that the Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionists, or some other political substance is procuring power by misdirecting the masses about successions of occasions.

We live in some real fucked up times, ladies and gentlemen. It has never been easier to find out every little detail that concerns literally anybody, and the thin veneer of decency that surrounds the people in power – the vain hope that the government was made up of well meaning men and women – has been slowly stripped away. A couple of years ago, when it came to light that the government was secretly monitoring the phone calls of law abiding citizens, the internet justifiably reacted with outrage. It was difficult for people to believe that their privacy meant so little to the government, especially in a country that had always placed such a high premium on the sacredness of human rights.

OK, So How Is Someone Who Believes In Conspiracy Theories More Credible Than The Average Person

Let’s be real, so-called “conspiracy theorists” are more credible than the average person due to their innate ability to question their environment. Everyone starts his or her life inside of a cage. Most won’t realize it or care to see, but there are a good bit who do. Out of those that do, there are many whose first reaction is merely to begin decorating the bars. Instead of continuing to expand themselves through the exploration of what lies beyond their cell, they become complacent and narrow-minded. You become complacent and narrow-minded.

An even smaller number lies beside you and these are the conspiracy theorists. Not the tinfoil-hat-wearing, alien enthusiasts, but rather the people who know a controlled explosion when they see one. Not the raving homeless men and women living out of boxes, but rather the people who know about the medical testing that put those homeless men and women in their current mental state. Constantly, conspiracy theorists are portrayed as the ever-wrong enemy of common sense, though we know all too well that so-called “common sense” has never truly been common. After all, who is it that decides the standards by which we think and behave? It certainly wasn’t you; you’re just following instructions. You’re just being a good, obedient citizen who knows how to shut the fuck up and take orders. You’re just following the information given to you.

There are men in power with everything to lose who will tell you exactly what they want you to hear, exactly what benefits them. The other kind of man who has nothing to lose will tell you exactly what it is that needs to be addressed, regardless of who it benefits. We are all being fed, but is our nutrition the same? Are you tired of being fed bullshit? Don’t just find a conspiracy theorist in order to have a credible source, be that credible source yourself and educate as many others as you can. Open your eyes and then open your mouth to fill your stomach with something worth speaking about. I hope that you’re tired of your usual meal plan.

What If Your Mom Was A Conspiracy Theorist?

Would you believe? Do you believe? There is a lot of information that gets thrown out to the general public on a daily basis. Millions of people right now are watching news channels, reading newspapers and trying to figure out what is going on with the world around them. Turn on the news and you’ll find that you get a repetition of stories every 15 to 30 minutes, and no new information is given. Instead, you are treated to analysts discussing every angle, and all sorts of ideas that are not based on fact, but really conjecture.

Maybe Your Mom’s Right

When we were all children, mom knew best. She had most if not all the answers. She found a way to communicate hard lessons through the lens of her understanding and truncate it to fit our minds. The mainstream media right now is doing the same thing but it spreads disinformation, something your mom would never do. There’s Big brother and there’s Big mother. The mainstream information that gets pushed out is all diluted, and made to fit into a capsule of understanding as a whole. You never truly get the real picture, and that’s what is disconcerting about modernity in many ways.

For instance, how could a terrorist group such as ISIS bring about such global unrest and worry? Measure the size of the military strength in NATO at the UN and you start to realize that there’s something fishy going on. Forget that, think about the Somali pirates. These aren’t superheroes, they are villains, and they provide chaos in an instrument that seemed to get people really scared around the world. Compared to the naval ships across the world, how could a small boat of pirates take on such a large role? I mean, really??

The beginning of finding out the truth is a matter of raising questions. When you start to look into the answers, you are going to find out that there is more to the news than just a 30 second window of information in the morning or afternoon.

Remembering “The End of The World”

Not too long ago the world was going to end. If it wasn’t some super religious jackass making stupid claims about “doomsday,” all of the major news outlets were talking about how swine flu was going to kill us all. They said it was coming, and it was going to be severe. Was it as bad as it was? It somehow miraculously missed a global pandemic. New flus will come, and the mainstream media will make most people freak out, just like many new parents do when their child has a hiccup.

When we were children, we trusted mom outright. We didn’t think that she would lie to us and for the most part she wouldn’t. As adults, we take that off our mind’s eye and let anyone with a suit and tie on television tell us the “whole” truth. It’s not a good thing, as critical thinking is a good weapon against ignorance and misinformation. If more people woke up, real change could occur. Until then, the mainstream media will continue to rattle cages and suppress the real truth into a bite size capsule, so that you can get to work on time and live in mediocrity and stay blissfully ignorant. Perhaps it’s time for a change, wake up and check out what is really going on; maybe just ask questions to start. You trust your mom with telling you the truth, well, if your mom told you the real truth about what’s going on in the world, would you write her off as a “conspiracy theorist?” Didn’t think so.