Give A Fuck About Yourself or No One Else Will

Everybody has their own burdens to bear. Therefore, many people do not take kindly to hearing you whine on and on about your problems. Neither do they want to hear you feel sorry for yourself all the time.


Notwithstanding this, sympathy and empathy are dying emotions in today’s society. As a result, people are easily turned off by begging and complaining. The public largely gravitates towards inspirational stories of personal growth and success. As such, there is a greater tendency for support to be thrown behind persons who at least try to help themselves.


With the media constantly bombarding people with ads people quickly turn away from stories that annoy them. Additionally, social media usage have made people more self-absorbed. More so, it is human nature to notice and prioritize our needs above those of others most times. When someone decides to help someone else it is a conscious decision to do so. Therefore, you need to give a fuck about yourself.


The world does not owe you anything!

If you listen or read the motivational books and autobiographies of the most influential people in the world, you will see they all had three things in common. A humble start in life, drive for success and determination. They speak of hardships and struggles, but they keenly mention that they never let failure define them.


They speak of asking for help but not sitting around and waiting for it. While, they waited they busted their asses working to accomplish other goals. Moreover, they will tell you how they sent out hundreds of letters. Letters seeking sponsorship, donations, or jobs. Yet, they never stopped writing until they got at least one favorable response. What is the take away from all of this? You need to give a fuck about yourself.


It is your future. No one cares if you fail or succeed, but you should. Yes, your parents and family will care. However, even blood relations can eventually give up on you. You have to know what you want in life and work towards it. You have either of three options. Feel sorry for yourself, get comfortable with where you are in life or work to make your situation better.


Whichever one you choose people will get tired of hearing about you or hate you for it. This is why a famous quotes say, “Work in Silence and Let your Success speak for itself”.


The Flip Side of the Coin!


Let’s not bash humanity, because there is kind and good in the world. There are people always willing to help if you are lucky enough the find them. But, often times you are the only one that can save yourself. If people try to assist you and you refuse their help, there is not much else they can do for you. Therefore, in the end your plight is still up to you along with your decisions. Consequently, you have to give a fuck about yourself or no one else can or will!


Source: Give A Fuck About Yourself or No One Else Will