Hip Hop Ghostwriter

"A complex, off-kilter approach to storytelling full of awe-inspiring punch lines, metaphors, and one-liners and you have one of the world’s most uncanny lyricists"

- You not only want people to enjoy your music but you want to be respected as a lyricist.

- You want people to be in awe of the complex verse(s) they hear from you.

- You want people to appreciate well-written songs that are supplied by you.

- You have an album or mixtape coming out that needs highly quotable lyrics.

Look no further, this is the service you were looking for. This service ensures one 16 bar verse. If you need more verses or a complete song, contact me.

Your writing needs will be in the hands of an extremely qualified top-tier lyricist/songwriter who's serious about his craft and has over a decade of experience.

I can write a verse for any subject matter or topic you want to rap or sing about.

Get in contact with me for any questions you may have.

Songwriting services


One 16 bar verse

Original Melody

Original Lyrics

Commercial Use

Starting price is $199 per verse

Starting price is $99 for a chorus

Starting price for a 2 verse song is $495

Starting price for a 3 verse song is $695

*Prices are subject to change depending on the demand and magnitude of the song or songs that need to be written. Discounts on bulk orders is negotiable. A bulk order would be an album's worth of material or more (12 tracks or more).